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DeathOfEvidence.ca - Drupal 7 & CiviCRM 4

On Tuesday, July 10th 2012, downtown Ottawa was witness to a rather unique sight. Over 2,000 scientists and supporters of science participated in the “Death of Evidence” rally—a funeral procession from the Ottawa Convention Centre to Parliament Hill.

Complete with a coffin and grimreaper, the Death of Evidence rally in Ottawa (with many solidarity rallies across the country) was a protest of the current Canadian government’s cuts to science programs, unique, world renowned research facilities, and perhaps most troubling the muzzling of Canadian scientist (especially climate scientists).

Bagler IT helped with media for the event and developed and designed (with the exception of the logo) www.deathofevidence.ca. The rest of this blog post will look at some of the technical aspects of the website, if you’re interested in finding out more about what has become the Death of Evidence movement please visit and sign-up at www.deathofevidence.ca.

Expand - Collapse ListsThe Death of Evidence website was the first non-microsite that Bagler IT developed that used Drupal 7 rather than Drupal 6. It is also the first site by Bagler IT that used CiviCRM 4 rather than 3. This lead to some initial challenges, mostly just getting used to the subtle but at times important differences between the two versions.

The website uses jQuery to have expand / contract lists of content. This was particularly important for the media coverage sections (as the rally received lots of media attention) and the categorized list of background articles (as scientists like to have sources for everything). The contract / expand lists are great because they do make the page more readable without really requiring much from the user.

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The website also uses CiviCRM to record information from visitors, this has helped the Death of Evidence organizers build a fairly large contact database to use to help promote and organize future events. They have also leveraged the bulk mail functionality of CiviCRM to help with media advisories and releases.

Bagler IT hosted the website and it handled the day-of traffic spike flawlessly. Bagler IT was glad to be able to help, it was a very important rally and an important website to be a part of.