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A new website for Novotech an M2M solutions company in Ottawa, Ontario. The website was design by local Ottawa graphic design company Initiate Marketing.

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The Red Cap fitness website was developed by Bagler IT and was designed by Amanda Spencer (who also design the Spa-Dent website). The owner (a personal trainer in the UK) needed something simple, but didn’t want a site that looked like it was “from a template” so we developed a very simple Drupal 7 website.

Red Cap Fitness - Drupal 7 Site

In the run up to the 2011 election I had converted www.davebagler.ca (my blog) into a candidate site. After the election I had kind of let the site go, becoming more and more out of date. So I thought it was time to reformat the site on key interest split into 3 categories: life + hobbies, tech and politics.

New DaveBagler.ca - Drupal 7 social media integration

Katie Gibbs has a popular vegan food blog and she was starting to feel limited by her website. She was using a Wordpress website that for the most part she had configured using a few widgets and a modified template.

Katie Gibbs has a popular Ottawa food blog but she was running into limitations with her current setup. Katie had a fairly basic Wordpress setup and was looking for a new website with a custom design and better social media integration. Bagler IT developed and designer her new blog: www.notjustgranola.ca.

On Tuesday, July 10th 2012, downtown Ottawa was witness to a rather unique sight. Over 2,000 scientists and supporters of science participated in the “Death of Evidence” rally—a funeral procession from the Ottawa Convention Centre to Parliament Hill.

Spa-Dent provides teeth whitening lights (and gel) to dentist locations throughout Canada and the Unite States. Since many dentists don’t have websites (or have rather old, or poor quality) so it is up to them to make sure their customers know the benefits of their product and which dentists offer Spa-Dent products.

Bagler IT designed (except for the logo), developed and hosted a website for the Death of Evidence rally which took place in Ottawa on July 10th, 2012.

DeathOfEvidence.ca - Drupal 7 Website

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Drupal training is now available from Bagler IT. Each training session is customized to the client’s individual needs based on one of three standard packages:

  • Content Management and Site Administration for Beginners
  • Advanced Content Management for Intermediate users
  • Module and Theme Development for Advanced users

You can get all of the information at www.ottawadrupaltraining.com.

I recently posted Spa-Dent.com in the portfolio section.  It’s a great looking website designed by local graphic designer Amanda Spencer for a Waterloo company that sells a teeth whitening light.

There are a few jQuery elements integrated into this website and I thought that I’d go over one of them here.