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UFC 152 - Review

Sorry that this is so late.


Marcus Brimage vs Kimy Hettes

Round 1: lots of strikes by Brimage, Hettes kept backing up rather than circling out.  10-9 Brimage

Round 2: Hettes controlled Brimage on the ground and threatened with subs. 10-9 Hettes

Round 3: Hettes controlled the centre of the octagon but didn't do much offensively. Brimage landed the better strikes. 10 - 9 Brimage

Result: 29 - 28, the judges seemed to agree.

Hettes was clearly the superior grappler but he needs to be more active standing if he can't get the fight to the ground.

Sean Pierson vs Lance Benoist

Round 1: Benoist came out firing but Pierson hurt him with a left hand and controled him for most of the remaining time in the round. However, Benoist did threaten with submissions in the middle of the round. 10 - 9 Pierson

Round 2: Benoist was a little gun shy, but landed a big leg kick.  Pierson countered a take down and generally controlled the action. A very close 10 - 9 for Pierson

Round 3: Benoist hurt Pierson late in the round and beat him up on the ground, but Pierson defended well and made it through.  10 -9 Benoist, but Pierson did enough to avoid the 10 - 8.

Result: 29 - 28 the judges seemed to agree.

TJ Grant vs Evan Dunham

Round 1: Exciting first round of wild exchanges.  As the round progressed I think Grant won more of the exchanges. 10 - 9 Grant

Round 2: More of the same with wild exchanges and Grant controlling the centre of the octagon. Grand opened a nasty cut on Dunham’s forehead.  Grants knees are the story of the round (and the fight) as he landed many (mostly grazing) throughout the round. 10 - 9 Grant

Round 3: Dunham had half a jar of Vaseline keeping his cut covered.  The round started with another crazy exchange that knocks about three cups of Vaseline off of Dunham's face.  Grant and Dunham both look tired but Dunham less so. Fight ends with both fighters covered in Dunham’s blood.  10 - 9 Dunham

Result: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for TJ Grant (I had it 29 - 28)

Vinny Magalhaes vs Igor Pokrajac

Round 1: Magalesh threatened with a variety of arm bar attempts but Pokrajac managed to escape.

Round 2: Pokrajac went for a takedown (for reasons that remain unclear to me) and is fairly promptly submitted via arm bar.

Main Card

Cub Swanson vs Charles Oliveira

Round 1: Swanson landed a big left to the body followed by a huge right hand that KO'd Oliveira.

Matt Hamill vs Roger Hollett

Round 1, 2 and 3: Hamill wins by decision in what (in my opinion) was less of a fight and more of a particularly aggressive nap.

Michael Bisping vs Brian Stann

Round 1: There was some work along the cage and back & forth single shot striking.  Stann and Bisping traded cup shots and the round ended with Stann landing a huge right on Bisping that reminded me of Henderson's shot at UFC 100. 10 - 9 Stann

Round 2: Bisping lands takedowns but does little with them. 10 - 9 Bisping

Round 3: Quickly summed up as round 2, 2. 10 - 9 Bisping

Result: 29 – 28 Bisping, judges agree

Joseph Benavidez vs Demetrious Johnson

OK I’m going to be honest with you; I didn’t watch most of this fight.  I thought it should have been between Benavidez and Ian McCall months ago. Plus I’m not a huge fan of the flyweight (or bantamweight for that matter) divisions.  Johnson won by split decisions after 25 minutes of frantic flailing all over the octagon.

Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort

Round 1, 2, 3: Jones was as dominant as ever landing strikes at will.  His side kicks to Belfort's legs is kept the Phenom at bay.  Belfort oddly pulled guard multiple times throughout the fight.

Round 4: More of the same until Jones gets sidecontrol and quickly locks in a shoulder lock for the win.