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Sorry that this is so late.


Marcus Brimage vs Kimy Hettes

Round 1: lots of strikes by Brimage, Hettes kept backing up rather than circling out.  10-9 Brimage

Round 2: Hettes controlled Brimage on the ground and threatened with subs. 10-9 Hettes

UFC 150 was last Saturday (August 11th, 2012) at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Overall I thought it was a great card. There were good fights in both the main and preliminary cards. My thoughts on three of the main card fights below:

UFC 113 - Machida, Shogun 2This Saturday (May 8th) at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Shogun will fight Machida for the LHW title it what is certainly the best rematch in quite some time.


They are five weeks old, under a pound each, and absolutely adorable.

DiplomacyI love Diplomacy.  It is quite possibly the best board game goin'.  It has been around for like 50 years and the rules haven't changed much at all.

Jeane-Clause Van DammeI have observed a rather disturbing trend over the last few years. I went to St. Lawrence College (SLC) and SLC has a rather popular Police Foundations Program (PHP), so naturally I ran into many PFP students.

My new bike.By the end of this week or early next week I should be riding my new bike.  Buying a bike in an actual bike store was a new experience for a guy who for years considered Supercycle the absolute apex in two-wheel transportation.

A Yellow BeltI should be getting my yellow belt tonight (Wait there's no yellow belts in jiu-jitsu! There is in Can-Ryu.  Ah, OK.) and I'm pretty excited.  I had my test last Wednesday and it went well.  Not a whole lot to it, just various break falls, stances, hold escapes, strikes and a few other techniques.

I have noticed that on many mixed martial arts (MMA) related forums that fans generally and American fans specifically are at a loss to explain why MMA is so popular in Canada. This confusion has persisted in part due to week explanations from Canadian fans and a general lack of knowledge regarding sports culture in both countries. First I should point out that I am not an expert but I think I may have noticed some trends that help explain why MMA has become such a popular sport in Canada.

Sorry for not blogging much for the last while I have been working away on the Second Annual Sandy Hill Holiday Food Drive.  I'll write up a blog about that soon.

Lowes which is a large retailer similar to Rona and Home Depot is opening a new store in Ottawa on December 14th.  One of the things that Lowes does to promote their stores and give their stores a more human face is to use the store manager in there promotional materials.