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GPC LogoWell I wanted to post this last Wednesday but I ran out of time and was busy with Canada Day and then the weekend, but now here’s part 4 of the policy motions: Justice and Democracy.

Toronto G20 LogoI'm pro-police.  I like police, I think they are necessary.  I generally try to give them the benefit of the doubt when I hear complaints from protesters or other activists.

GPC LogoOK, this week I'll be going through the policy motions. Congratulations if you made it though lasts weeks posts.

EKOS PoliticsNew EKOS polls is out (you can find the full report here) and has us sitting at 13% up a bit at one of our highest levels since EKOS introduced the other opti

GPC LogoWe've made it! Today's part five of five on Governance Resolutions. We're going to tackle Regional Organizing resolutions.

GPC LogoOK part four of five on Governance Resolutions. Today we tackle Leadership resolutions. This should be fun.

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