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2012 / 01 / 28

Bagler IT INC. providing web development for Cyan Solutions Ltd.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Beginning January of 2012 Bagler IT INC. will be providing web development services for Cyan Solutions Ltd.

Cyan Solutions Ltd. is a full service marketing company in Ottawa. They strive to provide a one-stop-shop specializing in graphic design, web design, marketing plans, corporate identity, printing and promotional products. They are your marketing partner and they make marketing simple.

In the run up to the 2011 Canadian federal election Bagler IT was contracted by Make Poverty History to build their election centre. The key piece of the election centre was a system allowing visitors to check their riding to see which candidates supported the goals of the Make Poverty History campaign.

Make Poverty History 2011 Election Centre

Nearly all of the developers I have worked with over the years, including most of my fellow students at St. Lawrence fall in to one of two camps: developers that are great at the first 90% of the project and developers who shine in the last 10%.

So it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this site. I’ve been busy getting my own business up and running.

Drupal (much like Joomla or Wordpress) stores web pages not as files on a web server but rather as database records often in a MySQL database. Storing content in a database can make it easier to update, create, maintain and associate content. Features like built in WYSIWYG editors make it easier for people with little or no technical experience to maintain and even add content.

Right off the bat let me point out that this post isn’t really about Drupal so much as it is about an excellent software suite that plugs in to Drupal near seamlessly, CiviCRM.

CiviCRM can be run as a standalone web application or it can be embedded in to Joomla (an other content management system) but where it really shines for NGOs is as part of their Drupal installation.

Drupal is a very popular, very powerful, open source content management system. The core or standard Drupal feature set is small but it allows for near infinite customizability. This makes Drupal quick and nimble but with enough horsepower to manage large, high traffic sites.

Beyond being reliable, scalable and easy to use, Drupal is the choice for many NGOs and other civic sector organizations because of a few modules or suites of modules. I’m going to discuss one of those modules today (Internationalization) and another (CiviCRM) later this week.

BaglerIT.com is finally up and running. Bager IT has been something of a dream of mine for years. Throughout college I developed numerous sites for a variety of clients including a web application I pitched St. Lawrence College where I was a student at the time.

I did all of this development under the Bagler IT name but admittedly and somewhat embarrassingly I never had a Bagler IT website. I still have a handful of half finished sites dating back to 2004.

Welcome to the Bagler IT blog. Check here for regular Bagler IT updates, tips, tricks, industry news and just whatever happens to be on our minds. If you don’t want to miss anything subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you’re wondering about the title, it’s a reference to the Hello World program (a program that simply displays Hello World) that is often the first program an aspiring developer learns when learning to program.

Demand Democratic Debates was design by Dave as a derivative of the ElizabethMay.ca design. Let Mike Speak is a port of the Demand Democratic Debates site.

Demand Democratic Debates & Let Mike Speak

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