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Spa-Dent provides teeth whitening lights (and gel) to dentist locations throughout Canada and the Unite States. Since many dentists don’t have websites (or have rather old, or poor quality) so it is up to them to make sure their customers know the benefits of their product and which dentists offer Spa-Dent products.

Bagler IT designed (except for the logo), developed and hosted a website for the Death of Evidence rally which took place in Ottawa on July 10th, 2012.

DeathOfEvidence.ca - Drupal 7 Website

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Drupal training is now available from Bagler IT. Each training session is customized to the client’s individual needs based on one of three standard packages:

  • Content Management and Site Administration for Beginners
  • Advanced Content Management for Intermediate users
  • Module and Theme Development for Advanced users

You can get all of the information at www.ottawadrupaltraining.com.

In light of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association opposition to gay-straight alliances, and Ontario's large budget deficit, the Green Party of Ontario is the only party showing courage and leadership by calling for the end the wasteful and unjustifiable public funding of only certain religious schools.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is once again playing political games, rather than contributing solid ideas for Ontario's economic recovery. Last time it was selling out the environment in an attempt to buy votes, now she is calling for weekly price ceilings to be placed on gasoline.

I was looking at Canadian political websites and the header banner of the NDP site looked funny to me so I decided to edit it a bit.

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Here's the original:

Mulcair Original

Here's the my take on it :

I recently posted Spa-Dent.com in the portfolio section.  It’s a great looking website designed by local graphic designer Amanda Spencer for a Waterloo company that sells a teeth whitening light.

There are a few jQuery elements integrated into this website and I thought that I’d go over one of them here.

I spent yesterday at a one day, full day conference put on by Google Engage and facilitated by Cardinal Path’s John Hossack and Jordan Louis.  Google was incredibly generous, the swag bag was great, the food was great, and free beer is always a good way to win people over.

A new website for Spa-Dent a teeth whitening company based in Waterloo Ontario. The website was design by local Ottawa graphic designer Amanda Spencer.

Spa-Dent.com - Drupal Website

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As a continuation of the candidate website templates, Bagler IT has developed a template for campus clubs. The university of Ottawa’s campus club is serving as the pilot campus for the campus club template. This website is designed for a young audience, it features: